Henry Cavill is the new Man od Steel

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At the begging nobody will give a $&”t about a movie project based on a comic. After all, comics are for children.
But then “Superman the movie” appeared and it was a movie with a great cast, good performance, a great budget and even a good selling.

But, that was 1978, and maybe it seems too far. No other comic movie until Batman (1989) reach the “status quo” of being a great movie for everyone. And then, nothing. Some more Batman movies, the shitty Spawn, things went really bad, people loose hope in comic films. But… we were in the late 90’s and comics had a lot to say.

The old friend James Cameron, was at the top of the hill, and he started a little chitchat with MARVEL, and then we had some movies such as Spiderman or even the X-Men which bring back the hope in the relationship between comics and the movie industry.

After some years of growing of this feeling,   DC took the idea of doing a reboot of two of their franchises, the Batman, and the last son of Krypton. With Cristopher Nolan, everything went better than expected and, that movie, is the one who at least reached the level of being an incredible blockbuster for both media and viewers. Like Superman the movie did back in 1978.

The other DC waked up hero, Superman, fall in the hands of Bryan Singer, the author of the X-Men but he did it so wrong it all went into some kind of remake, and … they need it a reboot, what bring us back to the present days.

Can somebody impersonate Superman better than Christopher Reeve?

Do we need another reboot,  if everything it’s going to be nasty 3d characters, why won’t we put some Chris Reeve model and get it really nasty?


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