Top Ten. Jean Claude Van Damme’s Best Movies

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Arnold’s back. I already talked about his top 10.  But the Muscles from Brussels has never be gone. He is athletic. He has always been funny. But overall, it’s HIM. You always know what you get when you see his name on the screen. You’re about to see him doing spin kicks, doing faces, showing his butt, beating up some dudes and maybe loving some ladies.

Creating the list, wasn’t easy at all, no kidding. I had to forget the fan I am, and tried to give you a list of good movies. I really like his films, and to be honest I easily do a top25 with him.

After all he’s the one and only JCVD.

And now his part of The Expendables 2, alongside the most incredible cast ever, with so much testosterone it will invalidate 100 years of Olympic games.

It’s about time to give you my JCVDTop10:

1992 Universal Soldier
Luc Deveraux / GR44


Sheldon Lettich, the man who wrote Rambo III, did his “Opera Prima” with Lionheart. The main script was also son of Van Damme itself.  An interesting plot and a very tragic story of needs love and karate. The legionary Gaultier will came to the US seeking for some vendetta. Pure action and it’s just the number 10 of the list!

Don’t ever lose your heart Lionheart, ’cause you’ll never get it back.


Of all his “twins” movies, this is probably the best written. Directed by Ringo Lam, this thriller brings honor to his title.  The very best of the film it’s the adult plot mixed with Van Damme, I’ll love to see more of Ringo Lam+ Van Damme. Or Natasha Henstridge nude, any option it’s good.

I could find a penguin in a sand storm.


Sam Guillem has nowhere to run. But Van Damme can show you one of his bikes. He adores Indians and Triumphs. And this is a bike movie, Van Damme’s motorcycle is a 1969 650cc Triumph T120 Bonneville. And he probably owned like one per movie.

Au revoir, fucker!


How many movies of Van Damme and his “brother” do we need?

Well at least, you will need this one! More than 150 minutes of Van Damme on screen in a 110 minute film. And even there’s some space to show us his friend Bolo Yeung as the bad ass he is.

I’m taking my brother on a fishing trip.
Give him a big kiss for me, all right.
Big kiss? I’ll give him a big kick in the ass, that’s what I’ll give him.

This movie started his action star career. After being a complete martial artist, Frank will be invited to… some kind of mortal combat tournament…or else. Fuck the plot. And enjoy another Bolo Yeong movie with Van Damme blind of  whitepowdernoncocaine as he could be. It’s like “The Quest” movie, but being a good movie.

You break my record, now I break you, like I break your friend.


This is the other movie directed by Ringo Lam. Another tournament kinda movie, but place on bars. And it’s very very good.

Without evil, we would never recognize good.

NUMBER 4->JCVD,  2005

The very extravaganza of this Top. An independent film and at the time a personal one. But it was a crash on the gross chart…It’ very personal and even without action it’s in my top5!

Central to Unit 27. Jean-Claude Van Damme’s robbing a post office. I need back-up.


An impressive comic book adaptation of Dark horse material by Van Damme, with a litle of time traveling… I wonder why I like it! And of course more double Van Damme!!!

Never interrupt me when I’m talking to myself.


Tong Po vs Van Damme in maybe the best martial arts movie ever. Now  Kurt Sloan, will have to train to avenge… yes… you know it… he’s brother!

You bleed like Mylee. Mylee… good FUCK!


After The  Terminator, JCVD did Cyborg, a very bad one, but just after T2, Van Damme, did the best of his career. You must see the movie and you’ve got to listen to Dolph Lundgren final speech in English.

God damn it the whole fucking platoon’s dropping like flies! What the hell are you staring it? Do you have any idea what it’s like out there? Do you? Well I’m fighting this thing man, it’s like kick ass, or kiss ass, and I’m busting heads! It’s the only way to win this fucking war. And these shitheads, these yellow traitoring motherfuckers. They’re everywhere. And I, Sergeant Andrew Scott of the US Army, I’m gonna teach ’em all.

I will be probably disagree with myself, What about In Hell,  Street Fighter or The Quest, but.. you know, life is unfair.

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