Dragon Ball Power Chart

Analysis, English

Have you ever wondered who was stronger in Dragon Ball?

We do know who they were, but were the Androids really that strong?

Could they have stood a chance against Supersayan Goku?

Was Dabra stronger than Ultimate Cell?
Latest resources using all the available data and the most expensive computers of the Capsule Corporation has done an exaustive study about it.

It’s divided into sagas, so you can track the results, easily.

The first chart, goes from Goku’s birth until the 23rd Tenkaichi tournament.

As you can see,  Goku doing the Ozaru killed Son Gohan, going almost to one thousand units.

The second one it’s about the Sayan’s coming to Earth.

Vegeta was really above them, but thanks to the use of the Kaioken technique, and the help of Son Gohan and Krillin, they could beat the Prince, even while doin the Ozaru.

Then the action moved to Namek.

Most of the earthlings are almost out of it. Only Gohan and Krillin are alive, and the Kaito training is only profiting to Piccolo. The planar lines are the Ginyu Force. And the rise of both Goku and Vegeta is quite amazing.

But if we get one step further and we see the hole picture, in Namek, including Freezer. We will be outstanded by the fight of the century. Marking the end of Dragon Ball as an adventure, and moving into a weapons career.

But after the big finish of Dragon Ball, Toey Animation and Shuesia Studios, forced the story to go on and on. So we get the chance to meet adorable Cell and his pals. Good design, but we lost all that matters since then in Dragon Ball.

This time we had bad guys popping out all the time, being stronger than the last one, until we get to the core, in this case a cell, capable to be just like anyone. Like Noob Saibot, or a mirror. Final confrontation between Cell and Gohan was everything but epic. Toriyama wanted to do other things, so he killed Goku. Forever.
Some years, after killing Goku, Toriyama was in the mood to return to his universe. So he tought in flipping the omelette and turned Gohan into a clown, give a more respectful goodbye to Goku, and have him and Vegeta, as the ultimate team, all this, against something cool in design as Bu, but empty if we think in the core differences between this saga and the one of Cell.

It’s quite obvius the Pohtala fusion between Goku and Vegeta, was way too powerfull to poor Bu, so they had to realx and put some risk beating the crap out of him, returning to just being supersaya level 3. The most powerfull transformation ever.

And with this ends the story of Dragon Ball. At least by now.

If any result is unclear or unfair, do not hesitate contacting me.

5 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Power Chart

  1. resulta bastante confuso con tantos colores distinguir quien es quien, ¿quizá podrías poner además el nombre sobre cada linea?

  2. pienso que el tipo de grafica es confuso, deberias poner un grafico de barras, es mas facil de leer, y sobre todo, tiene mas sentido (la fuerza de Mutenroshi se redujo a cero cuando murio, por que murio, no es que fuese decreciendo paulatinamente, y la de Goku crecio cuando mato a Gohan durante una noche, pero no fue creciendo y decreciendo…)

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