Carlos Villalba

Global Game Jam 2013 – Gandia and Ataulfo’s Heartquest


Last weekend I was invited to the Global Game Jam, and it was quite an experience. Meeting new people, and most important, people from around the videogames sector.

Here you have the entry with every game, I really enjoyed most of them. So give it a try!!

We were committed to do a videogame in 48 hours, so we did 5 people groups (more or less) and.. we did it.


My team was conformed by:

Roberto Picó a good friend and a mate from ESAT

Leo Salom, José Fabregat y María Ten had never been programing or using Unity, but in a day they learned. WOW!

And Finally Gustavo Aranda made this awesome music.

Which one? The one you can hear during the gameplay!

PLAY IT HERE! It’s my very first completed game, it was done in 48 hours and I’m so proud of Ataulfo.

I would really like to thanks some people both for his work, and passion.

PD: Ferri Water taste like balls.


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