Kola Coca, the original COCA COLA

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In 1886, Atlanta pharmacist John Pemberton invented the formula that led to the birth of Coca-Cola syrup. At the beginning it was mixed with cold soda, and drank as a refresher and then was born the bubbly refreshment we know today…

Did I say he invented?, sorry I wanted to say utilized.

I guess the next few days, many people will seek about the famous beverage of Atlanta. You know things like, if Coca Cola can be used to clean the teeth to Grandpa, that it is deadly drink over 1200 liters a day, or my favorite, if the logo invested 90 º Coca-Cola shows an inhabitant of the northern hemisphere, spitting in the face of an inhabitant of the southern hemisphere. In my opinion, none of these make any sense,

Unfortunately for your curiosity, I will not be telling you these crap.coca-cola

Taking advantage of Coca Cola these days is bombing us with its 125th anniversary, let me tell you the story of a small but prestigious beverage company of Aielo de Malferit, a small town south of Valencia.

If I write this article is because being Valencian, I have heard hundreds of times that Coca Cola copied a drink we already had here. So while  having a silly day, I decided to inquire into the topic of drinking.

As I have understood the basic ingredients of Coca Cola, are none other than carbonated water, lemon, aspartame, Peruvian coca leaf, Brazilian kola nut syrup and some coffee.

Café-y-nuez-de-KolaInterestingly, the kola nut and coca leaf, along with coffee, already were used in the beverage industry long before Mr. Pemberton give him the name we know today. Before globalism affected  the world, the exotic spice trade in coastal lands, had resulted in the preparation of spirit drinks or curative, which often included ingredients that today would hardly be legal. These drinks that West American films we sell to itinerant quacks, usually offering miraculous results. However in Valencia, with a long tradition in the production of liqueurs and sweet drinks like blackberry or sarsaparilla, if you managed to make drinks, either alcohol-based, or other strong ingredients, succeeded in making beverages encouraged more than a glass of water. In 1880 he founded a company for the manufacture of bottled drinks, which was named “Sanz, Aparici y Ortiz”.

How can a pharmacist from Atlanta could learn and copy a formula from one business from a small Spanish village?

14090119“Sanz, Aparici y Ortiz” (later renamed Fábrica de la viuda de Joaquin Juan Mompó) could be responsible for the original formula for Coca Cola, through its work of visiting fairs and exhibitions, where he soon received international recognition . Proof of this are his medals: 1881 Milan, Rome 1884, 1885 Philadelphia, 1886 Torino, 1889 London, 1889 Paris Expo in 1890 Bordeaux, 1891 Brussels, 1891 Alexandria, 1893 Chicago, 1900 Paris again (is the city where most awards won), 1908 Zaragoza, Valencia 1909 and so a total of 20 gold medals. The drink that opened the market was the “Celestial Anise” was the flagship of the house, he got 12 gold medals. Subsequently renamed Ayelo Anise, Coca Kola nut, as shown in 1882 as syrup labels.

“Beba anís Celestial, nunca habrá probado nada igual”

(“Drink anise Heavenly will never tasted anything like”)

I do lack sufficient evidence to ensure that John Pemberton was in 1885 in Philadelphia, and it was there that he met the Spanish trader who taught him the drink of Coca Kola. But is certainly true, that the original drink, mixed with soda, results in the Coca Cola we all know.

This point is curiously what makes it unique to Coca Cola, in every part of the world. Since it is common knowledge that the formula for Coca Cola, is a big secret, but it is bottled in many parts of the world. Come to what continue sending everywhere syrup is “Sanz, Aparici y Ortiz” and leave the benefits and virtues of each local market, the issue of mixing with soda.

In the 50’s finally The Coca Cola company went over it, and get the name so they will have never again to face any issue with the family.


In any case we will not say that everything that people from Atlanta came up was a robbery. Okay… except what to dress the poor Saint Nicholas of Saint ‘Colas (SANTA CLAUS). Yes, you know, the Holy who donated all his wealth to the poor and set about making gifts to children for Christmas announce.

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