Gámesis 2013 – Vinalab in Vinaròs, Castellón Spain

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Last Thursday (April the 11th ) we spend a wonderful experience in the Gámesis Vinalab. There we heard to many people from within the industry in such a different places as editing, ESports, programming, art, music, and so many more.

  • We started with Alberto de Hoyo, CEO of Nerlaska, who was in charge of presenting us their open platform NLKengine. A trusted experience and a great man to meet in person.
  • Ramón Nafria, A crowd of Monsters, told us about the flow and the way to proceed in this industry in order to get a game published. A great and funny speech with a lot of data I must think about it.
  • After some networking and a little chat, Vicente Molina, Lead Artist in Shanblue and a true mate of mine show us a great demonstration of his job with a cool speed-painting, see the links bellow to see the whole picture.


  •  Arturo Castellano, CEO of Dreamhack Spain, showed us the developing and importance of eSports not only in Korea or the world, but Spain itself. Challanges with more than one million prize and over 10 thousand people compiting together in Valencia this summer?
  • Vadejuegos.com chief editor, Antonio Santos, did a very good work defending his job and getting the people involved within his point of view.
  • And at the very end we had the great chance to listen to Arnau Bataller, a great musician teacher in the Escuela Superior de Música de Cataluña, his job and work-flow is quite similar to ours, but since I have no knowledge in music, I find it astonishing. When I will be able to work with an enormous talent as his, when?

After some lunch and very interesting meeting with people from the media, like Javier Giménez CEO of BraveZebra, Antonio Santos, Alberto de Hoyos, Alfredo Elías, Daniel Twal and of course Arnau Bataller I’m more than excited to come back next edition… maybe to do some zBrush? who knows!

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