Space Monkey – Concept Art (part V)

2D Art, Art, Sketch & Concept

Step by step process to get the idea flowing in my head.
The Start point was obvious. How should I will see a warrior coming out from space. And in Freezer words “just a dirty monkey”
The Saiyans were a race of warriors human shaped, but with some reminiscences of a monkey.
In essence they were brute soldiers with armors and at some point they could turn into giant wolf gorillas.
So that was were I started to develop my character: Morrix. An alien with some features of a gorilla, but not just a shaved monkey, something else. Something more than a bodybuilder gorilla. A true terrific alien invader!

Once I get some lines about the background of my character I started to do come quick thumbnails. Here I let my mind free and I go from something really anchored in Dragon Ball to something like Mass Effect or even some Gladiator shapes.



Once I’ve got some good shapes I feel comfortable I start to be more specific. Some times in the edge of getting Nappa alive!
Also I play with the idea of having some weapons to give Morrix the long range combat ability.


EJERCICIO E-09 – ARTE CONCEPTUAL PERSONAJES-Dibujos Conceptuales-CarlosVillalba

Once I’m ready to start the 3D Model I need to get the final form.
I wanna make it really buffed and ripped, but not as hairy as an ape. So I decide to avoid Nappas mustache and make some nice Mohawk and some sideburns. Also I get him really big arms, and a nice 6 pack full of food!
Hehehehe, He likes a lot to eat, so I see no point being the Slim Morrix. Once this concept has showed me the way I want to go, all I have to do is start the 3D Sculpture. And, since I’m both the concept artist and the 3D artist of this character I have no worries changing parts of my creature.


Hope you like it!

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