Carlos Villalba

Drunken Simulator 2014, Global Game Jam and Oculus Rift


Gandia Game Jam 2014, second time in my life I go to one of this marathon of sharing and game creation, what else can I say? It’s as good as it gets.

I proudly present you, DRUNKEN SIMULATOR 2014, the very first game I made for Oculus Rift, a true virtual Reality experience!!


Can you master the ultimate sobriety test? After a long night of chugging down pints, it’s time to go home. Unfortunately, everyone ‘s driving around on a saturday night, so look both ways before crossing the street!!


This year we formed a quite complete team with John DeGrothier and Andrés Rodríguez creating the sound effects and providing us with an awesome music. We know them there, and was a surprise by all means.

Jesús Díaz and Iván López, my team mates in ESAT, were also there, with ocasional help of Iván Fuertes, who flew away to Holland, and also some clues of our teacher Gustavo Aranda.

Finally my mate Francisco Garcia was in lead of game design, as his first true experience creating a real game! He also made a lot of stuff like assets and materials, I personally took care of the main assets and graphic appeal of the game with both post process and textures.


To move press W, forward S backwards.
Left Click To Start\Respawn.
O for activate Oculus Mode.
P for Normal Mode.

PD: remember last year Global Game Jam!

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