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Villalba Viguer Carlos Práctica_4

I’ve spent almost a year working in this project, for the HND in ESAT, Valencia. the game takes place in a remote island in the Bearing Sea, Fairwayrock. There, a secret prison will suffer a riot, and your objective will be survive by escaping!

There’s still some time left until we finish the project, keep calm I will show some footage video quite soon.

The web Project:

He pasado un año prácticamente preparando este proyecto, de final de carrera para mi HND en la ESAT, Valencia. El juego esta ambientando en una remota isla, Fairwayrock, en el estrecho de Bering. En esa isla unas instalaciones penitenciarias sufrirán un motín, y tu objetivo será escapar con vida.

Aún estamos trabajando en el proyecto por lo que el vídeo con escenas del juego llegará muy pronto, estar atentos!


La web del proyecto.



Drunken Simulator 2014, Global Game Jam and Oculus Rift

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Gandia Game Jam 2014, second time in my life I go to one of this marathon of sharing and game creation, what else can I say? It’s as good as it gets.

I proudly present you, DRUNKEN SIMULATOR 2014, the very first game I made for Oculus Rift, a true virtual Reality experience!!


Can you master the ultimate sobriety test? After a long night of chugging down pints, it’s time to go home. Unfortunately, everyone ‘s driving around on a saturday night, so look both ways before crossing the street!!

Just doing… some Zbrush (busts)

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I’ve been practicing some anatomy in Zbrush the file crashed so I’ve had to start all over again, and in two or three days I came to this.

I had to create some asian, european, afroamerican, and some other.

So, I went to get my inspiration of some well known personalities. Did I get close to someone?

Not really looking forward the best possible match, but, maybe I’ll finish some of this, and even, put some texture on.