Drunken Simulator 2014, Global Game Jam and Oculus Rift

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Gandia Game Jam 2014, second time in my life I go to one of this marathon of sharing and game creation, what else can I say? It’s as good as it gets.

I proudly present you, DRUNKEN SIMULATOR 2014, the very first game I made for Oculus Rift, a true virtual Reality experience!!


Can you master the ultimate sobriety test? After a long night of chugging down pints, it’s time to go home. Unfortunately, everyone ‘s driving around on a saturday night, so look both ways before crossing the street!!

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Richard Matheson (1925-2013) will be remembered as the writer of I am Legend, but he was also the author of The Incredible Shrinking Man, House of Usher, Duel’ (Steven Spielberg) and ‘The Night Stalker’

He was also the father of writer Melissa Mathenson, who worked for Steven Spielberg to create ET.

I do love I Am Legend, and so I love the many adaptations to film, such as “The Last man on Earth”, with Vincent Price; “The Omega Man” from the NRA guy; a Swedish low cost adaptation; “I am Legend” with Pablo Motos; and last but not least “I am Legend” with Mark Dacascos.

What will you do if you were The last Man on Earth?

Gámesis 2013 – Vinalab in Vinaròs, Castellón Spain

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Last Thursday (April the 11th ) we spend a wonderful experience in the Gámesis Vinalab. There we heard to many people from within the industry in such a different places as editing, ESports, programming, art, music, and so many more.

  • We started with Alberto de Hoyo, CEO of Nerlaska, who was in charge of presenting us their open platform NLKengine. A trusted experience and a great man to meet in person.
  • Ramón Nafria, A crowd of Monsters, told us about the flow and the way to proceed in this industry in order to get a game published. A great and funny speech with a lot of data I must think about it.
  • After some networking and a little chat, Vicente Molina, Lead Artist in Shanblue and a true mate of mine show us a great demonstration of his job with a cool speed-painting, see the links bellow to see the whole picture.


  •  Arturo Castellano, CEO of Dreamhack Spain, showed us the developing and importance of eSports not only in Korea or the world, but Spain itself. Challanges with more than one million prize and over 10 thousand people compiting together in Valencia this summer?
  • Vadejuegos.com chief editor, Antonio Santos, did a very good work defending his job and getting the people involved within his point of view.
  • And at the very end we had the great chance to listen to Arnau Bataller, a great musician teacher in the Escuela Superior de Música de Cataluña, his job and work-flow is quite similar to ours, but since I have no knowledge in music, I find it astonishing. When I will be able to work with an enormous talent as his, when?

After some lunch and very interesting meeting with people from the media, like Javier Giménez CEO of BraveZebra, Antonio Santos, Alberto de Hoyos, Alfredo Elías, Daniel Twal and of course Arnau Bataller I’m more than excited to come back next edition… maybe to do some zBrush? who knows!

Latrobe and Rolling Rock!

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He’s gonna take you back to the past, to play the shitty games that suck ass.
He’d rather have, a buffalo, take a diarrhoea dump in his ear.
He’d rather eat, the rotten asshole. of a road-kill skunk and down it with beer.
He’s the angriest gamer you’ve ever heard, he’s the angry Nintendo nerd.
he’s the angry Atari-Sega nerd, he’s the angry, video game, nerd.

For a guy like me, raised between two cultures, to see someone like James Rolfe, making constructive criticism, elegant and moderate topical video game, is something I appreciate, if we add a bit of Rolling Rock. Nostalgia can not be greater.

Located in Latrobe, Rolling Rock, is a company that makes its famous cerveza’33 since that in 1939, the brothers Tito opened the doors of the factory, however factory that had previously existed illegally during prohibition prohibition. Thus the name of the Rolling Rock corresponds to ’33, six years before the official opening of the company


This is why beer has always had, with a reputation for good American beer. No wonder that in the film The Deer Hunter (1978), Bobby, say that “The best beer out there”, phrase and corporate logo had little hesitation in tracing the Heineken piss.

Unfortunately in life, everything has an end, and in July two years ago that the Latrobe brewery produced its last ROLLING ROCK ’33, from the production to another plant after being absorbed by the company InBev SA, owner of Dutch holding:

Quilmes in Argentina.
Stella Artois in the U.S..
Klynskoye in Russia.
Staropramen in Greek Republic.
Leffe in UK.
Brahma, Skol, Bohemia and Antarctica in Brazil.
Sedrin in China.
Cass in South Korea.
Beck’s in Germany.
Keith Alexander’s in Canada.
Ozujsko Pivo in Croatia.
Chernigivske in Ukraine.
Hoegaarden and Jupiler in Belgium.


So the little company that has swallowed the poor Rolling Rock Latrobe left orphaned and after losing me and losing the brewery, can now only be known as the city of Arnold Palmer and today he does not remember even God .

Moral: Make use of the time even living in the past, because one day, sooner or distant, will come and give you a destination host.

PS: In another post I will expand my experience in U.S. and other of my visits to Brewerys (both continents).

Kola Coca, the original COCA COLA

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In 1886, Atlanta pharmacist John Pemberton invented the formula that led to the birth of Coca-Cola syrup. At the beginning it was mixed with cold soda, and drank as a refresher and then was born the bubbly refreshment we know today…

Did I say he invented?, sorry I wanted to say utilized.

I guess the next few days, many people will seek about the famous beverage of Atlanta. You know things like, if Coca Cola can be used to clean the teeth to Grandpa, that it is deadly drink over 1200 liters a day, or my favorite, if the logo invested 90 º Coca-Cola shows an inhabitant of the northern hemisphere, spitting in the face of an inhabitant of the southern hemisphere. In my opinion, none of these make any sense,

Unfortunately for your curiosity, I will not be telling you these crap.coca-cola

Taking advantage of Coca Cola these days is bombing us with its 125th anniversary, let me tell you the story of a small but prestigious beverage company of Aielo de Malferit, a small town south of Valencia.

How “The Stan” stole the Christmas? or Why Brian Singer end up directing The X-Men.

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1963, Stan Lee & Jack Kirby, created the X-Men. Or do they not?

Actually they did create a bunch of powered teens called The X-Men. But other than name and Charles Xavier they are completely different groups.

In fact The real X-Men as we know them started in the mind of Neal Adams,  with additional ideas later from John Romita Sr, Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum and of course John Byrne. Sure, they did have inspiration in other comics and ideas, like The X-Men (classic), The Avengers, DC Legion, The Hell Fire, Alien, etc.

The famous X-Men started with Neal Adams, because it was his idea to create a group of characters from around the world. Having them playing in exotic places with exotic backgrounds. But perhaps Stan Lee’s envy forced this idea to perish, canceling the X-Men and forcing the visceral Neal Adams to quit Marvel almost forever. After 5 years without any X-Men, the ideas of Neal Adams were reforged by John Romita Sr, Lein Wein and dave Cockrum, and probably Roy Thomas. And so it begun the real X-Men with the one and only Giant Size.

But Stan Lee always appeared as the creator of those X-Men. Well he may create a group of teens with powers; Cyclops, Marvel Girl, IceMan, The Beast and Angel, all trained by the Professor Charles Xavier. But then, the X-Men turned under the new series in a bunch of international agents, all pretty far from childhood, being the initial rooster formed by; Cyclops (in his 30’s, US), Banshee (Ireland, something like 50), Colossus (URSS 19th years old), Storm (Kenia 18th years old), Nightcrawler (20, Germany), Thunderbird (20’s native American),  Sunfire (Japan 20/30) and of course Wolverine (Canada 40’s).

The new group was way more powerful, more experienced, and their adventures really went to another level. And few years later when Chris Claremont and John Byrne took over it, it become the iconic comic, the biggest success of Marvel. But Stan Lee had nothing to do with it, and he knew it, so he always tried to underrate the X-Men. But they were unstoppable. Or do they not…?

Dragon Ball Power Chart

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Have you ever wondered who was stronger in Dragon Ball?

We do know who they were, but were the Androids really that strong?

Could they have stood a chance against Supersayan Goku?

Was Dabra stronger than Ultimate Cell?
Latest resources using all the available data and the most expensive computers of the Capsule Corporation has done an exaustive study about it.

It’s divided into sagas, so you can track the results, easily.

The first chart, goes from Goku’s birth until the 23rd Tenkaichi tournament.