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QT Face.

App with AR, face recognition, and head tracking. Some mini games. Over 50 effects done while being the Art director.

QT face is a free app, available for both iOS (iPhone / iPad) and Android devices. Its managers are Mybrana, who also created an augmented reality app.

Using technology similar that allows you to record and share videos where animations that move with you appear on the screen, QT face integrates video game scenarios on the screen where your face is the protagonist. Moving it is the only way to pass the tests and, as you will see, it is more fun than it seems.

As if playing with your face wasn’t enough, QT face allows you to record the game on video by pressing the game button. Then you can share it through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or save it to your reel or image gallery.

QT face is not just for solo play. Through video calls you can play with your friends and laugh at each other dressed up as a pharaoh, mouse or chicken. You will only have to register through your phone number and accept permission to access contacts and notifications to invite them to the game.

Same silly thing as Snapchat but in a smaller environment.

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